A Different kind of Doctor (Client Review)

March 20, 2014

When we think of doctors of today we think of the ones we go to that will prescribe a pill for what ills us, ones that make a lot of money and wears a white lab coat. The kind of doctor that walk around with a God complex that act as though you are a tiny little peon and not worth there time.


Finding a doctor who is a great healer and concern for a person’s health instead of one that will just give you something for your symptoms is becoming few and far between. But the kind of doctor I want to talk about is the one that is concern about your wellbeing, the type of the doctor that has spent eight-teen years studying and practicing alternative medicine.This doctor has hasn’t spent years in the medical field learning how to manipulate patients in to thinking they need a pill or drug to keep them happy.


The doctor I want to tell you about is Dr. Juanita Myers an Alternative Health Therapist I met recently in a local grocery store. She was speaking with and elderly lady that had decided to make healthier choices and Dr. Myers was giving her pointers and telling her what to look out for. I was completely shocked at the knowledge that came out of her mouth. And when she told the lady she was a doctor I was floored. She didn’t look like any doctor I had ever met. What kind of doctor was this, I had to know. I approached her, hoping to find out more about her. She explained the she wasn’t an MD and that she had two doctorates in other fields and she was certified in complementary and alternative medicine to Aromatherapy. She gave me a card and I looked her up and found she had a beautiful website and she had two degrees a diploma and certifications in more than twenty different natural therapies.


I contacted Dr. Myers for a consultation and was even more surprised when she came to me, I didn’t have to leave my home. She did a health assessment and a voice analysis. She took a lot of information and gave a lot more information back. With Dr. Myers I was completely respected and educated. I was not talked down to. She also told me that it wasn’t her job to tell clients not to go to a medical doctor that there are still some excellent medical doctors out there, just chose the ones that are willing to listen and treat you with respect. I had a wonderful experience.


-Abigail Caine

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