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From time to time here at Natural way to Live/ NaturalAlternatives we like to bring in new products that we believe will benefit our clients. We have have found two new products we would like to offer on our website.

Having 8 special nutrients, this product can begin tapping into your body's potential, naturally. RESURGE has been known to help improve deep-sleep in both men and women. This product works best while you sleep, enhancing the natural metabolic regeneration, burning fat and restoring the body's health.

African Fat Flusher works even better if you struggled to lose belly fat because your metabolism will make up for lost time. Helping you you wake up with a flatter belly each morning over the next coming weeks.

Our goal at Natural Way to Live is to help people find solutions to their health issues through the use of natural medicine and a healthy eating habits.

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NaturalAlternatives specializes in Natural Therapies. We do not practice Conventional Medicine. We do not Diagnose or Prescribe. Dr. Juanita Myers Is not a physician or an MD. However, Dr. Myers is a Certified Natural Health Professional with two Doctorates in Metaphysics and Motivations. See our About page in tabs above.


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